It started innocently enough.

Having mostly finished Bathroom #1, and having had excellent success repairing the water damage in Bathroom #2, I decided tonight after work to get started on the rest of the work in Bathroom #2, by stripping the wallpaper and taking care of any sanding that needed doing, in preparation for painting tomorrow evening.

I certainly knew there was mold in spots, so I was prepared with my tilex, my sandpaper, my bleach and my fungicidal paint.

What I was not prepared for was that when I took off the strip of wallpaper next to the shower, a three inch chunk of wet, moldy sheetrock would come right with it. A little finger and screwdriver poking revealed an entire chunk of wall that was really…not. Unfortunately I broke my screwdriver and so I bought myself a nice new racheting one.

While I was down on my knees performing a wallectomy, I noticed that the subfloor under the tiles was also…not so much. So I ripped up the relevent tiles. (The previous owner was nice enough to make the moldy strip be a separate piece of flooring for easy removal. Wasn’t that nice?)

The next sheet of wallpaper I pulled down showed a touch of mold…

…and when I poked it with my finger, my finger went through.

One hour, a crowbar, a whole lot of rusty screws and a big honkin pile of debris later, I now have this:

This was, to say the least, not the plan. Especially because on Monday our tub is being reglazed, so that bathroom will be out of comission for 48-72 hours.

So now the timer is ticking on this job…

Problems That Happen When You Are Making Other Plans

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