or until the next trip.

In the Wall Street Journal there was an article once about Dooce. Ever heard of her? I know, me neither.

In the sidebar there is a list of blogs that are “blander than Dooce, less humorous and significantly less profane.” And yes, I am one of them. Thank you to everyone who emailed or commented to tell me about it. I would never have found it otherwise.

New Jersey did let me out, but it was touch and go for a little while there when I sat in a traffic jam for an hour as soon as I got on the highway. The panel was great. I spoke with Mom in the City, and A Baby Boomer Woman’s Life After 50.

I did end up complaining about my hotel room and they took the porn charges off of my bill. Just kidding. They did take the internet charges off my bill, you know being tethered to a desk isn’t enough, they have to charge you for the privilege. And also the $10 pot of coffee I had brought to my room in the morning, that apparently I am lazy enough to order.

Tonight after I got home, I was snuggling my baby, shut up he is so, on the couch tonight when I felt something on his little head. A TICK. A TICK on my baby’s head. So I did the only thing that I could do. Freak the hell out. And then go after it with tweezers. Yes, I did snap the body off the tick leaving the head embedded under his skin. I know I should have left it for Rob to do. I know this. And yet when I see wiggling tick legs sticking out of my baby I can’t help but try and pull it out right then. How could I possibly leave it in for several more hours?

Oh, you know you want to make these cream cheese and jelly turnovers. Or get your kids to make it for you. Sadly they are not allergen free. So please go eat them for me.

When I arrived home my 7 and 9 yr olds were just back from baseball practice and they had their little baseball outfits on. They looked so unbelievably cute I wanted to eat them. Except they were all dirt streaked and we all know how I feel about dirt. They began talking and telling me about their day in excruciating detail, while I nodded and made comments to show I was interested like, “Wow!” “Cool!” “No Way!” Their voices getting louder and louder because they both like to talk over each other. My 7 yr old immediately had to reenact when he threw a ball to a kid on his team and the kid screamed and ran away. I am not sure the actual event could have been as dramatic.

My 13 yr old son is helping the coach with the little kid team. I asked him how the practice went. He looked over at his little brother, a smile spread across his face and said, “He was really serious about it. It was cute.” Then he shrugged and walked away. I knew that if I mentioned it again he would in all likelihood deny having said it. But he said it once for me and that is all the matters.

It’s good to be home.

Now I Am REALLY Home, For Good…

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